What is TOUSS?

The Transoral Ultrasound surgery is a minimally invasive technique which uses new generation tools, and is meant to give surgical treatment to all kinds of larynx and pharynx lesions through the mouth.

What is TOUSS for?

Any pharynx or larynx lesion is liable to be treated with a TOUSS approach. It is especially oriented to remove pharynx and larynx cancer without having to make incisions in the neck and thus, leaving scars. Developed lesions are the ones which will benefit most from TOUSS, in comparison with others currently available. Snoring surgery and the removal of lesions in the pharynx-larynx area have in TOUSS a quick and clean solution.

How does TOUSS work?

This technique uses high definition endoscopes to achieve a perfect scope of the area being treated, seen in the screens set up in the Operation Room. These endoscopes allow a precision of 10mm in handling. To remove lesions, we use an ultrasound forceps, a highly versatile tool that allows minimal bleeding and maximum security during the procedure. The ultrasound forceps is the most advanced method available in minimally invasive surgery, far superior to any surgical robot.

What are the advantages of TOUSS?

  • Perfect scope of the area and maximum control of the surgeon during the surgery
  • A safe removal of pharynx and larynx lesions, avoiding bleeding during and after the procedure
  • A faster recovery, which allows both surgery without hospitalization and a faster discharge
  • Cheaper than other techniques, such as the robotic surgery

What is TOUSS specifically indicated for?

  • Tonsils and soft palate lesion removal, with or without reconstruction
  • Benign and malign tumour removal from the base of the tongue
  • Pharynx partial resection, with or without reconstruction
  • Partial laryngectomy in the treatment of cancer
  • Transoral Total Laryngectomy
  • Search and treatment of hidden tumours in the pharynx and larynx

Should TOUS not be used in any circumstance?

TOUSS doesn’t have any counter indication, unless the patient is advised to forgo any procedure.

The limited opening of the mouth, which is a complication for the robotic surgery, is no problem for TOUSS, for a minimal opening is enough for any procedure.

TOUSS is one of the last generation minimally invasive techniques for Head and Neck surgery, and the most versatile of all available techniques to this day.

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